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RAD CPD Scheme

RAD CPD Scheme
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is about you. RAD CPD gives you the opportunity to take time out to develop your creative, teaching and business skills.

You are at the heart of the CPD scheme. The scheme has been designed to allow you flexibility and choice, and how you fulfill your CPD requirement is entirely up to you.

Find out more about the RAD CPD Scheme here 

RAD CPD Rules and Regulations

The RAD CPD Rules and Regulations provide an overview of the policies that govern the RAD CPD scheme. 

CPD Personal Development Plan

The CPD Personal Development Plan is an easy-to-use template that will give you some tips on how to plan your CPD year. 

CPD Exemptions

If you are unable to participate in the CPD scheme, you may be eligible to apply for an exemption. Please read the CPD Guide to Exemptions for further information on reasons for exemption, and how to apply.

If you feel that you are eligible for an exemption, please complete the 2017/18 CPD Declaration/Exemption Form 

CPD Declaration Form

At the end of a CPD year, you will be required to return a CPD Declaration Form as part of the RAD membership renewal process. This form will ask you to declare that you have completed your CPD requirement for the year. You will not be required to submit any evidence of your participation in CPD activities with the CPD Declaration Form. Download the form below. Or Declare online at the top of the page.

Teachers from 19 countries, including 2 from Australia, have volunteered to act as Ambassadors for the RAD’s CPD scheme, bringing with them insight into exactly what it takes to commit to CPD, alongside so many other commitments.

RAD staff are happy to take your calls and answer questions that you might have, we understand that sometimes it’s good to talk to someone that understands first hand, the pressures of being a dance teacher.

Find out more about our CPD Ambassadors and how to contact them.

More information

Have you still got questions about CPD? Read our CPD FAQs.

If you have any general questions about the scheme or how it operates, please contact

If you have any questions about exemption from the CPD scheme, or want to know more about what happens if you do not meet the CPD requirement, please contact the Membership department at