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Winners for the 2018 Jacqueline Morland Awards announced


Winners for the 2018 Jacqueline Morland Awards announced

Congratulations to the 2018 Jacqueline Morland Awards participants in Queensland and their teacher who worked hard to prepare them. The Awards which took place over the weekend of 24 - 25 March saw almost 300 students compete and 125 take part in the special dance performance items which are a highlight of the awards and feature students from a number of dance schools all performing together.


A huge weekend in the Brisbane dance calendar we would like to thank our special guest adjudicators Garry Trinder, Director New Zealand School of Dance and Linda Ridgeway-Gamblin, Course Director of Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year.  Our thanks also goes to our commissioned choreographer Shelley Moore and guest choreographers Rebecca Hall, Kylie Goeldner, Justine Summers and Nicole Galea. 

An event this size is simply not possible without the support our wonderful and generous volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly. Thank you to each and every one of them especially the Queensland Regional Advisory Panel.  


Lastly a thanks to all our sponsors who continue to support our events and help us reward our students for their efforts.


Jacqueline Morland Awards 2018


Level One
Winner                       Giselle Fiadino                 Annette Roselli Dance Academy
Runner-up                Kayleigh Yuan                  Debra Whitten School of Dance
Encouragement    Madeline Hitchen           Promenade Dance Studio
Audience Vote       Kayleigh Yuan                  Debra Whitten School of Dance

Level Two
Winner                       Lucy Jepson                          Kady Brandon/ Ann Roberts School of Dance
Runner-up                Xavier Xue Barriga           Annette Roselli Dance Academy
Encouragement    Alicia Wong                          The Dance Company
Audience Vote       Xavier Xue Barriga           Annette Roselli Dance Academy

Level Three
Winner                      Jenson Blight                         Premier Dance Academy
Runner-up               Eloise McKee                        Danzart Studio
Encouragement  Martika McGown                Danzart Studio
Audience Vote     Leila Margus                           Annette Roselli Dance Academy

Level Four
Winner                     Eliza Hickey                            Atelier Australia
Runner-up              Myah Gadd                             Danielle’s Studio of Dance
Encouragement  Summer Duyvestyn           Classical Coaching Australia
Audience Vote     Myah Gadd                             Danielle’s Studio of Dance

Level Five
Winner                      Mackenzie Thompson       Atelier Australia
Runner-up               Lily Babbage                           Promenade Dance Studio
Encouragement   Sebastian Harper                 Annette Roselli Dance Academy
Audience Vote      Mackenzie Thompson       Atelier Australia

Level Six
Winner                      Joshua Green                          Karen Ireland Dance Centre
Runner-up               Kayla Van Den Bogert       Karen Ireland Dance Centre
Encouragement   Gabriel Rogers                        ADPI
Audience Vote      Joshua Green                          Karen Ireland Dance Centre


New Zealand Ballet School Awards

New Zealand Ballet School Award Male
Sebastian Harper                                                        Annette Roselli Dance Academy

New Zealand Ballet School Award Female
Lily Babbage                                                                   Promenade Dance Studio

Elsie Seguss Award 2018

Level One                    Eden Heath                           Dance Edge Studios
Level Two                   Taylor Dixon                         Annette Roselli Dance Academy
Level Three                Cullen Cook                          SCCOD
Level Four                   Madison Conroy                Debra Whitten School of Dance

Jacqueline Morland Artistic Award 2018

Jonathon Carmichael                                                 Premier Dance Academy



Queensland Ballet Summerschool Award
Kadelle Smith                                                                 Classical Coaching Australia

Queensland Ballet Summerschool Award
Scout Nicholas                                                                 SCCOD

Queensland Ballet Academy Award
Mackenzie Thonpson                                                  Atelier Australia

Queensland Ballet Academy Award
Summer Duyvestyn                                                    Classical Coaching Australia


Expressions Dance Company Award        

Chloe Jackson                                                                Atelier Australia




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