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Winners for the 2018 Isobel Anderson Memorial Awards and Joan and Monica Halliday Awards Announced


Winners for the 2018 Isobel Anderson Memorial Awards and Joan and Monica Halliday Awards Announced

Congratulations to all the students and their teachers who have worked so hard over the past few weeks taking part in the 2018 Isobel Anderson Memorial Awards and the Joan and Monica Halliday Awards.

As always we would like  to extend a huge thank you to our guest adjudicators including  Joan Halliday, Martin Rubinstein, Prudence Caldwell and Justine Miles and guest teacher Nicky Gattorna. And a thank you again to our sponsors Bloch for their generous support of the Awards once again. Thank you also to our New South Wales Regional Advisory Panel and all our volunteers for their generous gift of time and effort in securing this event is a success year after year.

We are delighted to announce the winners as follows:


Joan & Monica Halliday Awards


Grade 3
1st Place                  Matia Ingrey                         Newcastle Dance Academy
Runner Up             Esther Smith                         Andrea Rowsell Academy of Dance
Bloch Award         Giselle Kotlyar                    The Dance Spot

Grade 4                                
1st Place                  Winslet Arlom                         Mosman Dance Academy
Runner Up             Annabella Seccombe           Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
Bloch Award         Sophia Hudson                       Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy

Grade 5                                  
1st Place                   Mia Atkinson                           Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
Runner Up             Lucelle Davis                            Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
Bloch Award         William Dyson                         Premier Elite


Isobel Anderson Awards

Intermediate Foundation                                          
1st Place                 Stephanie McQuire               Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
Runner Up            Nicola Robinson                      The Conlan College
Bloch Award        Arjan Jayawardena               TheConlan College

1st Place                Grace Frazer-Sneddon           Central School of Dance
Runner Up           Josie Byrnes                                  Robyn Yvette Dance Centre
Bloch Award       Austen McDonald                     The Conlan College

Advanced Foundation          
1st Place                    Phoebe Kilminster                Joanne Grace School of Dance
Runner Up             Yeonwoo Kim                            The McDonald College
Bloch Award          Saskia Blake                              Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy

Advanced 1                      
1st Place               Hyo Shimizu                                  The Conlan College
Runner Up          Chloe Reynolds                            National College of Dance
Bloch Award     Audrey Freeman                         Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy

Martin Rubinstein Award
Lincoln Sharp                                                                   Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy

The Isobel Anderson Award – Most Outstanding Dancer of 2018
Grace Carroll                                                                    Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy


Sponsored by Bloch logo

Image: Hyo Shimizu - The Conlan College  winner of the Advanced 1 Award who also won Most Outstanding Dancer in 2017. Image from 2017 by WinkiPop Media.

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