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The Joan Burnett Scholarship winners have been announced


The Joan Burnett Scholarship winners have been announced

A very passionate RAD community in Tasmania came together on Sunday 28 November in Hobart to take part in the annual Joan Burnett Scholarship.

Our thanks to sponsors Energetiks and Industrie Performing Arts who supported the event and to all the teachers, students and parents who worked hard to prepare and came together to enjoy the occasion. Thank you also to our host venue and voluntary staff including the VIC/TAS Regional Advisory Panel who support the Academy in presenting this Scholarship every year.

Guest adjudicator Leanne Stojmenov Principal Artist with The Australian Ballet made the trip across the Tasman to award the following deserving students: 

Intermediate Foundation

1st Place                  Sarah Gilmour trained by Shayne Davies
Artistry                     Ella Robinson trained by Joanne Hills
Runner Up               Heidi Preshaw trained by Natasha Jones
Encouragement   Bethany O'Conner trained by Shayne Davies



1st Place                    Amelia Reynolds trained by Allison Gibson-Snare
Artistry                       Isable Masters trained by Shayne Davies
Runner Up                 Abigail Van Niekerk trained by Allison Gibson-Snare
Encouragement      Seychelle Mallam trained by Shayne Davies
Honourable Mention Jaqueline Donnelly trained by Natasha Jones


1st Place                          Sarah Radford  trained by Natasha Jones
Artistry                            Celeste Hall trained by Natasha Jones
Runner Up                      Lauren Colson trained by Jacquelyne France-Marsden
Encouragement           Ella Best trained by Jacquelyne France-Marsden
Honourable Mention Hana Mc Carthy trained by Shayne Davies

The Energetiks Award for Most Potential (Advanced)

Winner                           Sarah Radford trained by Natasha Jones
Runner Up                   Celeste Hall trained by Natasha Jones

The Joan Burnett Scholarship (For an Intermediate Foundation or Intermediate Student)

Winner                          Sarah  Gilmour trained by Shayne Davies

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