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The Audrey Nicholls Grade Awards Winners have been Announced


The Audrey Nicholls Grade Awards Winners have been Announced
Another huge year for the event

Congratulations to all the students who took part in a huge Audrey Nicholls Grade Awards in Victoria this month. Spread over two weekends students were fortunate enough to perform for Audrey Nicholls herself along with Amber Scott, Principal Artist and Valerie Tereshchenko, Senior Artist, both with The Australian Ballet.

We are pleased to announce the winners were...

Overall Winner

Mia Atacador  trained by Tracey Boyd (pictured above)

Male Only #RADProject B Award 

Luca Pezzimenti trained by  Brian Nolan


Award For Most Potential Grades 1 - 3

Winner - Paris Fisher trained by  Brian Nolan
Runner-Up - Darcy Mcdonough trained by Alanna Partridge

Award For Most Potential Grades 4 - 5

Winner - Mia Antoniou trained by Jasmina Stefkovski
Runner-Up - Leon Bowman trained by Brian Nolan

Audrey Nicholls Grade Awards Victoria 2018

Grade 1

First Place - Paris Fisher trained by Brian Nolan
Artistry - Jasper Zajacek-Tieu trained by Alida Endrigo
Second Place - Addison Shepherd trained by Emma Madden
Third Place - Macy Harvie trained by Brian Nolan
Encouragement - Eve Vlahodimos trained by Jasmina Stefkovski

Honourable Mention
Zali Williams trained by Emma Madden
Addison Barber trained by Emma Madden
Scarlett Mroczkowski trained by Kellie Fishwick-Roscoe
Haylee Tanner trained by Christine Allison
Amelie Everett trained by Phillipa Sprague
Amelia Anderson trained by Emma Madden
Makayla Healy trained by Rebecca Jacobsson
Aaliyah Magnussen trained by Rebecca Jacobsson
Ashley Gillespie trained by Christine Allison
Max Harvie trained by Brian Nolan
Louisa Liao trained by Jasmina Stefkovski


Grade 2

First Place - Jade Nehill trained by Phillipa Sprague
Artistry - Milla Rigazzi trained by Christine Allison 
Second Place - Chloe Lahood trained by Jasmina Stefkovski
Third Place - Darcy Mcdonough trained by Alanna Partridge
Encouragement - Anita Zambetta trained by Brian Nolan

Honourable Mention
Isabella Ingmire trained by Phillipa Sprague
Quinn Nadorp-Daw trained by Emma Madden
Olive Forbes trained by Natalie Horman
Jessie Steinman trained by Emma Madden
Milla Hajdinjak trained by Alanna Partridge
Eleanor Patton trained by Christa Cameron
Ines Sposito trained by Christine Allison
Cali Van Dyke Goodman trained by Christine Allison
Danny Jacobson trained by Patricia Maundrell
Ella-Rose Lah  trained by Nicole Ryan
Rayne Waterson trained by Jasmina Stefkovski
Violet Gilby trained by Emma Madden
Matilda Whelan trained by Brian Nolan
Heidi Dunn trained by Brian Nolan

Grade 3

First Place - Charlize Duck trained by Emma Madden
Artistry - Elodie Lamont trained by Kathryn Trapani
Second Place - Erin Holt trained by Emma Madden
Third Place - Annabelle Natalia Tran trained by Genevieve Nash
Encouragement - Aimee Pham trained by Brian Nolan

Honourable Mention
Tayla Levine trained by Alanna Partridge
Caitlyn Martin trained by Genevieve Nash
Poppy Kortekaas trained by Rachael Mcgowan
Hannah Wing trained by Kathryn Trapani
Tayla Ince trained by Natalie Horman
Abbey Jones trained by Natalie Horman
Connor Bevis trained by Jacinta Murphy
Reilly Delaney-Wilcox trained by Cindy Delaney
Blake Goodman trained by Brian Nolan
Jamie Furey trained by Brian Nolan
Ollie Hone trained by Brian Nolan
Lily Fang trained by Brian Nolan
Millicent Ellis trained by Alida Endrigo
Caitlin Jennings trained by Natalie Horman
Sandra Cvjeticanin trained by Brian Nolan
Audrey Nicholls trained by Grade Awards

Grade 4

First Place - Mia Atacador trained by Tracey Boyd
Artistry - Trinity Watts trained by Brian Nolan
Second Place - Kendra Francis trained by Brian Nolan
Third Place - Luca Pezzimenti trained by Brian Nolan
Encouragement - Leon Bowman trained by Brian Nolan

Honourable Mention
Sascha Mullertrained by  Emma Madden
Eloise Isaac trained by Christa Cameron
Lara De Maria trained by Christine Allison
Chloe Valentine trained by Kellie Fishwick-Roscoe
Lily Schlakht trained by Kellie Fishwick-Roscoe
Janelle Chan trained by Christa Cameron
Mia Antoniou trained by Jasmina Stefkovski
Emma Morris trained by Jane Moore
Charlee Lattenstein trained by Brian Nolan
Clare Weston trained by Nicole Ryan
Hope Macmillan trained by Genevieve Nash
Imogen Chapman trained by Beverly Jane Fry
Summer Moore trained by Brian Nolan
Claudia Ivakovic trained by Brian Nolan

Grade 5

First Place - Isabelle Cream trained by Jane Moore
Artistry - Sophia Miki-Flavell trained by Jane Moore
Second Place - Miriyan Barnes trained by Emma Madden
Third Place - Mantraa Rane trained by Alanna Partridge
Encouragement - Erica Payne trained by Emma Madden

Honourable Mention
Summer Wikman trained by Hilary Debden
Riana Cassar trained by Kathryn Trapani
Ashlinn Mclean trained by Emma Madden
Lucy Clatworthy trained by Natalie Horman
Chloe Nikolovski trained by Emma Madden
Thomas Stevens trained by Kellie Fishwick-Roscoe
Sherry La trained by Christa Cameron
Andrea Carr trained by Christa Cameron
Rachel Lee trained by Christa Cameron
Giselle Surace trained by Patricia Maundrell
Madeleine Burnet trained by Jane Moore
Tahli Norton trained by Kim Factor

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