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Students in Tasmania compete in the Joan Burnett Scholarship


Students in Tasmania compete in the Joan Burnett Scholarship
Held in the studio where Joan Burnett herself once taught!

Students in Tasmania had the opportunity to develop their performance skills in the same studio where Joan Burnett once taught for this years' Joan Burnett Scholarship last month.  Adjudicator and former Principal of The Australian Ballet, Daniel Gaudiello shared with the students his own experiences in developing as a dancer and the importance of loving the art form.  Alongside guest teacher Julie Fleming, Daniel Gaudiello gave students some invaluable advice to help them take their dancing to the next level.

Thank you to our generous sponsors Energetiks and to our donors Virginia Grimsey, Kristen Hynes, Simone Pohan and Joan Stevenson.


A hearty congratulations to overall winner Dayla Bowman  trained by Rebecca Gurr and to all the winners below. And a thank you to all those students who came out on the day and gave their best and the teachers who worked so hard to prepare them. 

The winners were.... 


Prize                                              Winner                                   Teacher 

First                                               Emily Masters                     Shayne Davies
Artistry                                        Mia Schuemaker               Jacquelyne France-Marsden
Runner-up                                 Lauren Colson                     Jacquelyne France-Marsden   
Encouragement Award     Ruby Waddle                       Jacquelyne France-Marsden
Most Potential                        Emily Masters                     Shayne Davies



Prize                                              Winner                                   Teacher    

First                                               Seychelle Mallam              Shayne Davies                        
Artistry                                        Maisie Harrisons               Shayne Davies
Runner-up                                 Sarah Gilmour                     Shayne Davies
Encouragement Award      Holly Donnelly                    Rebecca Gurr




Prize                                              Winner                                   Teacher    

First                                                Dayla Bowman                 Rebecca Gurr
Artistry                                         Heath Kolka                      Allison Gibson-Snare
Runner-up                                  Abbey Siemsen                Rebecca Gurr
Encouragement Award      Chantelle Rose                 Allison Gibson-Snare


Joan Burnett Scholarship Overall Winner

Dayla Bowman                        Rebecca Gurr
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