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SA students make it difficult to choose for the Adjudicator at the RAD Awards South Australia


SA students make it difficult to choose for the Adjudicator at the RAD Awards South Australia
Over 130 students took part in the SA RAD Awards 2018 posing a challenge for adjudicator Lachlan Monaghan to make his finalists selections....

The standard was so high at the RAD Awards in South Australia last month that  guest adjudicator Lachlan Monaghan, Soloist for Birmingham Royal Ballet was hard pressed to narrow down his selection to just 4 finalists in each award category!

With time to humour him 6 finalists were given the opportunity to compete for the prizes in 2 of the 6 levels.

The Awards are named after local dance luminaries winners and runner up prizes awarded at each level.  2 young male dancers, one from the Grades and one from the Vocational levels, were also chosen as recipients of the Project B Boys DANCE 19 scholarships - a legacy of #RADProjectB  which was launched in June 2017.

Sincere thanks goes out to sponsors, Bloch, MDM, Smart Health Training and Services, Dance FX and MaskQRades for their ongoing and generous support of our awards.

And the winners are.....

Badenoch Iversen Award for Grades 2 & 3

Sponsored by Mask Q Rades Costume Hire and Dance Supplies

                                                                                       Trained By  
Winner:                     Emmy Denys                  Carissa Neate-Lammers
Runner Up:              Thomas Hobbs             Vivienne Winter


Sponsored by an anonymous donor

Winner:                        Masato Rafinian          Michelle Hofmann
Runner Up:                 Faith Keath                     Michelle Hofmann


Jacqueline Tucker Award for Grades 6, 7 & 8

Sponsored by Dance FX

Winner:                        Tessa Gratton                Terry Simpson
Runner Up:                 Leila Revell                      Natanya Andonas


Sheila Laing Training Enhancement Award

Sponsored by: Bloch

Winner:                           Millicent Hemmingway   Carissa Neate-Lammers


Floyd & B'Nay Award for Intermediate Foundation

Sponsored by The Stage Shop

Winner:                          Tessa Gratton                           Terry Simpson
Runner Up:                    Shania Chan                               Michelle Hofmann    


Sir Robert Helpmann Award for Intermediate and Advanced Foundation

Sponsored by Smart Health Training and Services

Winner:                            Leila Revell                                      Natanya Andonas
Runner Up:                     Amielle Ballestrin                        Terry Simpson


Kathleen Short Memorial Cup for Advanced 1, Advanced 2 & Solo Seal

Sponsored by MDM

Winner:                               Jessica Schaedel                            Terry Simpson
Runner Up:                        Raven Loan                                       Terry Simpson


Eileen Hogarth Award for Most Outstanding Dancer

Sponsored by Bloch
Winner:                               Raven Loan                                        Terry Simpson


Lorraine Irving Scholarship for DANCE 19

Winner:                               Tessa Gratton                                      Terry Simpson


Boys DANCE 19 Scholarship

Junior Boys Winner:     Reiley Kohler                                    Natanya Andonas
Senior Boys Winner:     Gabriel Lowe                                    Carissa Neate-Lammers



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