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RAD partners with Big Dance Australia


RAD partners with Big Dance Australia
Dance is for everyone

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The Royal Academy of Dance is thrilled to be partnering with Ausdance Victoria and New South Wales on Big Dance -  the largest dance celebration in the world hitting Australia on International Dance Day (29 April 2018).  Thousands of people will dance together in some of the most iconic places in the world.

Encouraging people to be active through dance, Big Dance is a free large-scale participatory celebration open to everyone of all ages, all abilities and all experiences.

In the months leading up to Big Dance, Ausdance Victoria and New South Wales will motivate aspiring dancers and community groups to learn the Big Dance 2018 routine in a series of fun free dance workshops.

The Big Dance 2018 routine includes versions to suit a variety of capabilities and circumstances, including standing, seated and suggestions on adapting the choreography for different abilities.

Online tutorials will be available where the Big Dance 2018 routines are guided and taught by developing dance college artists from National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) and the dance cues will also be provided in an easy-to-follow learning guide.

Created by acclaimed Indigenous choreographer Frances Rings and New Zealand born Craig Bary, and with an original score by Huey Benjamin, the Big Dance 2018 choreography is a five-minute contemporary Indigenous routine that anyone can learn.

Rings explains that all Australians have a shared connection to this land, “We are lucky to live in an incredible country that still emits ancient energy and incredible living culture. This year’s Big Dance choreography represents our bloodlines, our culture and everyone coming together as we acknowledge the red earth as our spiritual centre. Big Dance will connect everyone through movement and bring people together to share their stories and experiences with pride and from any dance form.”

As people dance across the world on International Dance Day and with performances by local dance companies, the key Big Dance 2018 events will be hosted in Sydney, Federation Square in Melbourne, Castlemaine as part of the Regional Centre for Culture program and Lilydale, as well as other locations throughout Australia.

Founded in 2006 and led by the Mayor of London in partnership with People Dancing and a network of leading dance organisations, the Big Dance legacy has now been passed to Australia –in 2016 over 42,000 dancers from 44 countries across the globe participated in Big Dance (previous choreographers include Akram Khan and Wayne McGregor CBE).

Michelle Silby-Executive Director Ausdance Victoria and New South Wales
“I believe dance is for everyone and everyone can dance! Big Dance provides fantastic opportunities for people of all ages, cultures and abilities to come together to enjoy and celebrate dance through free workshops and events.”

Jerril Rechter - CEO VicHealth

“Dancing is a wonderful way for people to get their hearts pumping and meet their 30 minutes of daily physical activity, while also having fun and meeting new people. VicHealth is proud to have helped bring Big Dance to Victor ia and we want Victorians to kick up their heels and join the fun on International Dance Day.”


RAD Australia will be hosting Big Dance workshops in our Darlinghurst studios on

Date: Thursday 1 March
Time: 10.30am – 12.00pm

Date: Thursday 22 March
Time: 10.30am – 12.00pm

Find out more at


Dance 2018 routine

The Big Dance 2018 routine is only five minutes and can be learnt by anyone.

  • There are versions to suit different capabilities and circumstances, including standing and seated.
  • Easy to follow online tutorials of the Big Dance 2018 routine are available as well as a learning guide with dance cues.
  • The Big Dance 2018 routine is divided into three different sequences that represent a different colour
  • The three colours (sequences) symbolise the:
    > Indigenous people;
    > Non-Indigenous people; and
    > Spiritual heart of Australia (bloodline and linage) the connection between Indigenous and non -Indigenous people.

• Participants will be allocated a colour (sequence) at workshops or can choose which sequence to learn from the online tutorial.

• A guide to adapting the choreography for different abilities is being developed in partnership with Deakin University’s AllPlay Dance program and will be released in March 2018

Photo:  Big Dance 2018-NAISDA Developing Artists Image by Jamie James

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