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RAD Artistic Director to step down


RAD Artistic Director to step down
For reasons of ill health, Paula Hunt has decided to step down as artistic director in May of this year.

Paula had to undergo a major operation on her foot, due to an accident, which unfortunately has caused subsequent complications. Paula feels strongly that the physical limitations imposed by her injury have compromised her ability to deliver to the full extent of her talents in the role. The RAD continues to hold Paula in the very highest esteem, and is extremely grateful for all she has done for the Academy over three decades

Paula Hunt said: "The role of artistic director at the Royal Academy of Dance is of course about artistic vision and integrity; however, it is also a very visible and physical role. My injury does not enable me to carry it out in the way in which I would like and more importantly, the  way the Academy deserves, and so I have decided to step down. Whilst this has been a very difficult decision, I will be excited to see where the next artistic director will take the RAD as it approaches its most significant milestone in 2020.”

Luke Rittner, Chief Executive of the RAD said: “I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Paula for her time as artistic director. Her passion, energy and dedication to the RAD but also her commitment to excellence in teaching, has inspired all those who have worked with her.

The Executive Board will embark upon a thorough recruitment process. Plans will also be in place to ensure a smooth transition during the interim period.

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