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Queensland Student wins Australian Advanced 1 Bursary


Queensland Student wins Australian Advanced 1 Bursary
Emilia Bignami will receive funds to support her final year of RAD training.

Congratulations to Queensland student Emilia Bignami who was the winner of yesterday's Australian Advanced 1 Bursary final in Canberra.

Emilia trained by Rosanna Castellana at Promenade Dance Studio impressed guest adjudicators Olivia Bell and James Taylor beating 5 other finalists from across Australia. 

The coveted prize grants the winner up to $7,000 towards their final year of training in the RAD method and rewards creativity in our young Australian dancers.

Echoing the 'Dancers' Own element of the Genee International Ballet Competition, the bursary allows candidates to perform their own choreography, or that of a teacher or peer.  Candidates also perform a classical variation giving the opportunity to show technique and artistry as well as performance and creativity. 

Emilia's fellow finalists included

1 - Jordan Micallef trained by Jane Kesby at The McDonald College Ballet 
2 - Caitlin Melhuish trained by Kim Harvey at Kim Harvey School of Dance
3 - Zara Bailey trained by Janne Blanch at Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School
4 - Lili-Mae Newman trained by Katharine Mantle at Katharine Mantle Performing Arts Academy
5 - Emilia Bignami trained by Rosanna Castellana at Promenade Dance Studio
6 - Meg Rafinian trained by Michelle Hofmann at Turning Point Dance South Australia

Well done to everyone who took part.

Find out more about the Australian Advanced 1 Bursary here

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