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North Queensland Bursary Winner Announced


North Queensland Bursary Winner Announced

Congratulations to all those who took part in another wonderful North Queensland Bursary on 26 and 27 August 2017.

Adjudicator Wendy Laraghy enjoyed performances from students from Grade 4 to Advanced 2 during the weekend and classes were taken by guest teacher Nicole Gaelea. A big thank you to both those ladies for their generous support of the event.

Thank you also to our sponsors Bloch, MDM, Energetiks , McKays Solicitors and RAZOR Cut Concrete Cutting and Drilling

And the winners were......

Grade 4                                  Name                                     Studio

Winner                                   Kiara Catterall                  Leisa Payne School of Dance
Runner-up                            Eliza Eather                        Capricorn School of Dance
Honourable Mention     Charlee Howard              Emerald Academy of Dance

Grade 5

Winner                                    Daley Catip                         Emerald Academy of Dance
Runner-up                             Rori Paganoni                    Leisa Payne School of Dance
Honourable Mention     Tyla Saron                             Dance Express Mackay

Intermediate Foundation

Winner                                    Freya Boggild                      Ann Roberts School of Dance
Runner-up                            Grace Jepson                       Ann Roberts School of Dance
Honourable Mention      Taya Lohman                       Turning Pointe Dance Studios


Winner                                     Abbie-Jane Whibley        Leisa Payne School of Dance
Runner-up                             Jules Chastre                        Turning Pointe Dance Studios
Honourable Mention       Poppy Derrington             Turning Pointe Dance Studios

Advanced Foundation/Advanced 1/Advanced 2

Winner                                     Mackenzie Coombe          Croft-Gilchrist School of Dancing
Runner-up                             Dominic McCarthy             Theatre Arts Mackay Dance Excellence
Honourable Mention      Emma Moir                              Leisa Payne School of Dance

North Queensland Bursary Training Enhancement Award
Winner                                     Dominic McCarthy               Theatre Arts Mackay Dance Excellence

Artistry Excellence Award
Winner                                     Poppy Derrington                 Turning Pointe Dance Studios

Boys DANCE 2018 Male Scholarship Award
Winner                                     Jules Chastre                           Turning Pointe Dance Studios


Photography: Keeara & Reece Kinnersly


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