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New Training Opportunity for Teachers


New Training Opportunity for Teachers
The pilot for the Academy's new Silver Swans adult learning programme expands to Australia

Silver SwansTM, the RAD’s training and licensing initiative is an exciting business opportunity for experienced dance teachers to extend their expertise and tap into a growing adult dance market.  Silver SwansTM classes are aimed at over-55s and delivered by qualified dance professionals, licensed to deliver branded Silver Swans classes.  They have been developed in response to a growing and discerning mature market, drawing on the RAD's own research into the benefits of dance for older learners.  

Until September 2018, Silver Swans is running as a pilot programme, while we prepare for a global rollout. In an exciting global development Australia will join the UK and US in the pilot phase from January 2018 with two opportunities to undertake teacher training being offered in Brisbane and Sydney in January.

The Silver Swans CPD course is available to both RAD registered teachers and other qualified ballet teachers, involving a day’s training in safe and effective methodology for teaching adult ballet to older learners. On completion, the participants become Silver Swans Licensed Teachers and get access to the Silver Swans brand and support from the RAD to both develop and promote their classes via exclusive teaching resources and a marketing toolkit. In the pilot phase up to 120 licensed teachers in the UK , US and parts of Australia will offer Silver Swans classes from September 2017 to August 2018. During this time, we will work with pilot participants to refine the initiative before rolling out the programme fully in September 2018 where annual licensing will take effect. 

Silver Swans® is a registered trademark of the Royal Academy of Dance in the UK, European Union and the USA and an unregistered trademark in other territories. Only Silver Swans Licensed Teachers (or Licensees in the USA) are eligible to deliver Silver Swans® classes and use the brand name.

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