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More newcomers to dance take part in Boys DANCE - the second year of the summer workshop


More newcomers to dance take part in Boys DANCE - the second year of the summer workshop
This year Boys DANCE 19 saw an increase in absolute beginners enrollments proving the Project B message is reaching out across Australia

Boys DANCE 19 the Academy's boys only* summer dance workshop in Adelaide took place over another sweltering summer in the city. 

This year the two day workshop on the 4-5 January attracted more new comers to dance than last year as the Academy reflects that the message of Project B - its male dance initiative is filtering through to parents and boys.

Students enjoyed classes in ballet, contemporary tap and breakdance/hip hop learning new skills and making new friends.  Many students returned who had attended the programme in 2018 and friends from around the country were able to reunite once more in their love of dance.

Four all male faculty led the workshop whose emphasis is on exploring something new and enjoying the chance to not be the only boy in class as many experience in their studio setting. RAD Australian Male Dance Ambassador Matthew Lawrence this year used sports style drills and props to aid in transitioning the youngest boys from the footy field to the ballet studio.  Whilst senior advanced students Elliot Dunn and Jeremy Hargreaves were treated to specialist coaching during a more intimate after hours session. 

David Williams and Jesse Rasmussen returned from the previous year to once again teach contemporary and tap respectively. Both enjoyed the enthusiasm the boys showed at being given the chance to explore new themes and styles in their dancing.

Joining the faculty this year Chris Merriman added some serious 'swagger and cool' to the weekend imparting some tricks and tips for impressing non dance friends with their break dancing skills.  Parents were treated to a lively demonstration of all newly polished and acquired skills across all genres during the showcase at the end of the weekend.

Whether swaying or swagging one thing is clear - the boys loved the opportunity to spend a weekend exploring their passion for dance with like minded individuals!

Find out about more #RADProjectB male only opportunities coming up in the near future.

* also open to male identifying students

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