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Kathleen Gorham Awards and Audrey Nicholls Senior Grade Awards Winners Announced


Kathleen Gorham Awards and Audrey Nicholls Senior Grade Awards Winners Announced

With a larger number of students competing than ever before The Kathleen Gorham Awards featuring the Audrey Nicholls Awards took place in Melbourne last weekend.

We'd like to thank our Adjudicators: Audrey Nicholls OAM FRAD, Daphne Turnbull, Andrew Wright, Diana Hammond and Martin Rubinstein OAM FRAD, Our class teachers Jane Inglis-Keen and Kynan Jones and our pianists Janine Torriero, Akiko Loong

A big thank you also to our generous sponsors  J Bloch Pty Ltd, Energetiks, Capezio, Audrey Nicholls OAM FRAD, The Australian Ballet, The Australian Ballet School, The New Zealand School of Dance, Lachlan Moore Photography and Pilates on Collins.

And the winners are.....


Winner             Emmanuelle Fairweather trained by Jane Moore

The Lachlan Moore Photography Award

Lily Sophia Dashwood trained by Jane Moore

Australian Ballet School Scholarship

Lily Sophia Dashwood trained by Jane Moore

(Added Prize) Tom Umseher  trained by Janne Blanch


New Zealand School Of Dance Scholarship

Isabel Johnson-Darby trained by Janne Blanch


Project B Male vocational dancer Award

Samuel Winkler  trained by Janne Blanch


Martin Rubinstein Award

Samuel Winkler trained by Janne Blanch


Paul Hammond Award

Lucinda Mann trained by Janne Blanch


Intermediate Foundation

First Place                  Lily Gogarty trained by Emma Madden
Runner-Up                Lily Sophia Dashwood trained by Jane Moore
Artistry                        Ellen Lekhtman trained by Jane Moore
Most Promising      Emma Martin trained by Jasmina Stefkovski
Encouragement      Isabelle Cream trained by Jane Moore



First Place                   Charlton Tough trained by Janne Blanch
Runner-Up                  Hannah Lukey  trained by Eileen Tasker
Artistry                         Katy Hamyrad trained by Janne Blanch
Most Promising       Matayo Ayegun-Watson trained by Janne Blanch
Encouragement        Hannah Wise trained by Jane Moore


Advanced Foundation

First Place                  Emmanuelle Fairweather trained by Jane Moore
Runner-Up                 Milei Lee trained by Janne Blanch
Artistry                        Charlie Dashwood trained by Jane Moore
Most Promising       Michael Scott-Kahans  trained by Janne Blanch
Encouragement       Charlotte Deany trained by Janne Blanch


Advanced 1

First Place                    Tom Umseher trained by Janne Blanch
Runner-Up                   Isabel Johnson-Darby trained by Janne Blanch
Artistry                           Amy Keen trained by Jane Inglis-Keen
Most Promising         Luca Deller trained by Janne Blanch
Encouragement         Belle Thornycroft trained by Alida Endrigo


Advanced 2 / Solo Seal

First Place                      Samuel Winkler trained by Janne Blanch
Runner-Up                     Tina Pyrcz trained by Jane Moore
Artistry                             Zoe Mcfarlane trained by Jane Moore
Most Promising          Chelsea Stewart  trained by Janne Blanch
Encouragement           Laura Harwood trained by Janne Blanch


Audrey Nicholls Grade Awards 2018

Senior Section

Overall Winner             Emmanuelle Fairweather  trained by Jane Moore


Grade Six

First Place                         Lily-Sophia Dashwood trained by Jane Moore
Phyllis O’Donaghue Artistry Yuzuki Igami trained by Rachael Mcgowan
Second Place                  Alanah Douglas trained by Kathryn Trapani
Third Place                      Oskar Hindson trained by Natalie Horman
Most Promising            Phoebe Fitzpatrick trained by Kathryn Trapani
Encouragement             Areema De Zylva trained by Hilary Debden


Grade Seven

First Place                          Tiah Brown trained by Jane Moore
Phyllis O’donaghue Artistry Kamryn Schruhm trained by Catherine Fennell
Second Place                    Stephanie Hedley trained by Natalie Horman
Third Place                         Helen Chan trained by Jane Moore
Most Promising               Noa Pitt trained by Alannah Partridge
Encouragement               Cleo Talbot trained by Rachel Higham


Grade Eight

First Place                             Emmanuelle Fairweather trained by Jane Moore
Phyllis O’donaghue Artistry Charlie Dashwood trained by Jane Moore
Second Place                       Fleur Fynn trained by Natalie Horman
Third Place                           Tully Cook trained by Jane Moore
Most Promising                 Maelee Baron trained by Natalie Horman
Encouragement                 Melisand Box trained by Jane Moore

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