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Introducing the new Diana de Vos Awards


Introducing the new Diana de Vos Awards
WA's Awards Day has been named for a local icon of dance

RAD Australia has announced that its annual Awards Day in Western Australia will now be named after local dance figure Diana de Vos-Beck . The inaugural Diana de Vos OAM MA FRAD Awards will take place on the 25 November 2018.

Diana de Vos is a former dancer with West Australian Ballet, a RAD Registered Teacher, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Dance and recipient of the  RAD's prestigious President's Award.  Diana was also awarded an Order of Australia medal in 2015  for service to the performing arts through dance. 

RAD Australia National Director Bronwyn Watkins said, 

"Diana de Vos has been an integral part of the RAD community in Western Australia for many years. Her contribution to dance in the region is considerable and we are thrilled to have  our Western Australian Awards named in her honour"

Diana herself says

"When asked if I would mind having this award named for me my response was one of amazement. Mind! I was thrilled and humbled, especially to know that my peers and friends felt that I was worthy of this honour.

Dance and particularly ballet have been such an important part of my life. I remember thinking of my parents and my grandmother, all of whom have passed away, but as they were instrumental in my involvement in dance, they deserved this thought.

My family migrated to Australia from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) in 1947 when I was three and a half— they were looking for a new life and opportunities for their children. I began dancing in Colombo and of course my mother took me to dancing classes with Dorothy Fleming, an RAD teacher in Perth.

Australia has been good to me, and so also has the Royal Academy of Dance. I have been given so many opportunities to work in the occupation I love. My reward has been to watch how the profession has grown in Western Australia and to know that I have been a part of its development.

My most sincere thanks to all who enabled this honour. My wish is that these  awards will encourage all those young people who also love dance to engage and persevere in this activity in whatever direction their journeys take them. "  

Diana de Vos-Beck OAM, MA, FRAD and Recipient of RAD President’s Award

Diana joins a notable list of Australian dancers and educators whose names grace our national awards programmes :-
Jacqueline Morland (QLD), Isobel Anderson (NSW), Kathleen Gorham (VIC), Betsy Sawers (ACT), Joan Burnett (TAS), Joan and Monica Halliday, (NSW) Nan Badenoch-Iversen (SA), Jacqueline Tucker (SA), Sheila Laing (SA), Eileen Hogarth (SA), Gwen Mackay (SA), Sir Robert Helpmann (SA) Jack Floyd and Jonny B'Nay (SA)  and Audrey Nicholls (VIC).

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