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The finalists for the Genée International Ballet Competition 2018 are...


51 candidates from 13 nationalities have been whittled down to 14 finalists, all set to compete in the Genée Final to be held at Hong Kong City Hall on Sunday 12 August. This is the first time in ten years that so many have made it through to the Final and half of them are trained right here in Australia.

2018 Genée International Ballet Competition Finalists

Training in Australia are

  • Lily Carbone aged 15, Australian, trained by Juanita Moore at Classical Coaching Australia
  • Breana Drummond, aged 17, New Zealander, trained by Marie Walton Mahon at Tanya Pearson Academy
  • Caitlin Garlick, aged 15, Australian, trained by Karen Ireland at Karen Ireland Dance Centre
  • Chloe Jackson, aged 18, British, trained by Heidi Landford at Atelier Australia
  • Enoka Sato, aged 16, Japanese, trained by Annette Roselli at Annette Roselli Dance Academy
  • Lucinda Worthing-Shore, aged 15, Australian, trained by Marie Walton Mahon at Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching
  • Joshua Green, aged 17, Australian, trained by Karen Ireland at Karen Ireland Dance Centre


who join

  • Monet Hewitt, aged 16, New Zealander, trained by Joye Lowe at Philippa Campbell School of Ballet
  • Sophie Higgins, aged 16, Canadian, trained by Tania Brossoit at Pro Arte Centre
  • Michaela Louw, aged 16, South African, trained by Natasha Ireland at Carstens Ireland Ballet School
  • Lucy Malin, aged 18, British, trained by Jonathan Barton at Ballet West
  • Soraya Nathasya Dwinandry, aged 17, Indonesian, trained by Maya Tamara at Namarina Dance Academy
  • Jordan Yeuk Hay Chan, aged 16, British (Hong Kong), trained by Yui Man Cheung at Jean M Wong School of Ballet
  • Basil James, aged 16, British, trained by Faculty of Tring Park School

in the final this Sunday.

The Choreographic Award was also won by finalist, Joshua Green. The judges felt that his solo A Man's Sentiment (choreographed by Richard Causer) demonstrated the highest standard of choreography within the Dancer’s Own category.

After two days of semi-finals, judged by Janek Schergen, Artistic Director at Singapore Dance Theatre, Joanne Michel, Ballet Mistress for The Australian Ballet School and Chi Cao, former Principal with Birmingham Royal Ballet, the finalists now compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. In addition to the three medals, the Margot Fonteyn Audience Choice Award will also be given.

Highlights from the Genée Final on Sunday 12 August will be broadcast live from the Genée International Ballet Competition Facebook page from 7.25pm Hong Kong time.

Final tickets

There a still a number of tickets available for the Final, you can book online, or buy on the day from the box office,

Photo: Keith Sin

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