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Boys DANCE and they love it!


60 boys from across Australia and the region attended Boys DANCE 18 our first ever boys only! summer workshop in January

Held in Adelaide at the start of January 2018, Boys DANCE 18 was the first of the Project B initiatives to roll out in Australia following the global launch of the Academy's new male dance focus in June 2017.

With a goal to increase access for boys to dance globally ahead of our centenary in 2020, Project B has engaged with industry and captured the imagination of young male dancers everywhere.

Boys DANCE 18 was a two day summer workshop - the first ever Boys Only! summer school here in Australia - and allowed students from 7 - 17 years to participate in classes of ballet, contemporary, tap and hip-hop. Drawing in students from all backgrounds from absolute dance beginner to advanced in a variety of genres, it united the male dance community in an uplifting and celebratory experience.

With boys inspired to take up ballet, add ballet to their existing repertoire and celebrate their love of ballet with others of a like mind, it truly was the most fun 60 boys can have in a weekend!

Led by the Academy's Australian Male Dance Ambassador Matthew Lawrence and supported by leading dance and teaching professionals, Jesse Rasmussen, Joel Rasmussen and David Williams, the students embraced all genres of dance including our inclusive bespoke Project B choreography. Commissioned from Birmingham Royal Ballet's Principal Dancer Iain Mackay, the choreography takes in popular culture references inspired by superheros and sporting trends and blends them with ballet to make dance more accessible and engaging for young male dancers.

We can't wait to welcome more students to the next Project B workshops around the country. See here for more details.

Videography: Joel Rasmussen.   


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