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Birthday celebrations and more as we share the Joan and Monica Halliday Awards news!


Birthday celebrations and more as we share the Joan and Monica Halliday Awards news!
It was a special year for the Joan & Monica Halliday Awards as Joan Halliday's turned 100 years old just last month!

In a wonderful day of celebration, we marked the remarkable 100th birthday of our New South Wales Regional Advisory Panel Patron and an icon of Australian dance, Joan Halliday - for whom our graded awards in New South Wales are named. A beautiful défilé choreographed by RAD Registered Teacher Felicity Knight and Sophie Wight allowed the students taking part in the awards to pay tribute to Joan Halliday who has survived her beloved twin Monica. 

Congratulations to all the students and teachers who took part in a truly memorable year for the awards and our heartfelt thanks to our guest adjudicator Rachael Read, class teacher Nicky Gattorna and pianist Grant Kennedy.  A thank you also to the hard-working team of staff and volunteers who made the event possible. 

Lastly, a deserved thank you to our generous sponsor Bloch for their kindness in rewarding our student's incredible efforts.

It is our pleasure to share with you the winners.

Grade 3

Winner: Aurelia Beal-Attwood from National College of Dance
Runner Up: Dante Minassian from Redlands
Bloch Award:  Quelyn Joy Kenzler from National College of Dance
Joan Halliday 100th Birthday Award:  Ava Micallef from The McDonald College


Grade 4 

Winner: Chloe Littler from Dance North Academy
Runner Up:  Charlie Carberry from Mosman Dance Academy
Bloch Award: Lucy Cologna from The McDonald College


Grade 5 

Winner: Amelie Marks from Serenade Ballet Academy
Runner Up: Isla Clark from Tanya Pearson Academy
Bloch Award: Jemima Atkins from Halloran School of Dance/The McDonald College


Prudence Bowen Memorial Award

Coco Solomon from Andrea Rowsell Academy of Dance


Bloch Encouragement Award 

Henry Burgess from The McDonald College

Sheena O'Doherty says:
28/03/2019 06:15 AM

Thank you all for the wonderful opportunity you have provided for my daughter, Coco Solomon, during the NSW RAD Awards. She had a fabulous time and we're so very grateful to Rachael Read for her most generous donation of the Prudence Bowen Memorial Award she presented to Coco. Kindest regards, Sheena

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