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B: Engaged

B: Engaged
As a membership organisation, the RAD recognises the importance of building capacity in the sector by helping existing dance teachers to reach out to male students and encouraging more men to pursue dance teaching.

As part of our investment plans, we will provide financial support to male students enrolling on RAD teacher training programmes in a drive to recruit more male dance teachers and  increase the number of positive male role models.  

Project B Bursaries

The Faculty of Education will be offering bursaries to male students wishing to study with us over the next three years on the following Australian based programmes:

Scroll the table left and right to show more content.

Scroll the table left and right to show more content.

 Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies

Bursary of 50% of the tuition fee for two students* until 2020 to support male students with the cost of their tuition fees.

Application deadline is TBC. Find out more and apply here

*one bursary will be awarded to an international student.

Further bursaries are available for programmes based in the UK. For more information go to our global website here.

Professional Development

Iain Mackay's choreography and ethos towards teaching boys will also be used as a basis for developing new Continuing Professional Development courses, in collaboration with RAD’s Artistic Director. These CPD courses will be provided to RAD Registered Teachers to support them in engaging more male students in their dance schools nationwide.