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RAD Awards

RAD Awards
RAD state wide Awards

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Every year we celebrate the talent in the RAD student community in Australia by hosting state wide Awards.

Often named for prominent local dance figures or in memory of a significant patron of dance in the area, these occasions give students the chance to showcase their best including work from our international recognised syllabus, bespoke choreography and even their own creativity.

From the Jacqueline Morland Awards in Queensland to the North Queensland Bursary, the Audrey Nicholls Grade Awards to the Kathleen Gorham Memorial Awards in Victoria, the Joan and Monica Halliday Grade Awards to the Isobel Anderson Memorial Awards in New South Wales, the Joan Burnett Scholarship in Tasmania to the RAD South Australia Awards which has individual awards named for so many local greats - these events unite our dance community and give tomorrow's professional dancers the chance to shine whilst others embrace the opportunity to perform on stage.

Find out more about these Awards on their individual event pages.