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Frequently asked questions

No. RAD Enterprises Ltd are not publisher members of PRS, and therefore do not collect any income from them.

The PRS licences that you buy are to cover you for music that you use which is not our copyright.

Music licences have been in force for many decades, they are nothing new.

You must make sure that your licence is up to date.

We try to keep the number of copyrighted compositions in syllabus music to a minimum but it is in fact almost impossible, practically and legally, to insulate a body of work the size of the RAD syllabus securely from any third-party copyrights in perpetuity.

As a practice, it restricts the potential for growth and change both for the organisation and for its members.

If the entire body of music for the RAD syllabus were to be either public domain or corporately owned, syllabus music would form only a part of the total musical experience afforded to pupils throughout their dance education and training. 

People use the term 'RAD music' either to describe music that they have bought from the RAD, or to denote music that is used to accompany the examination syllabus. While 'RAD music' might be a handy term for both cases, it should not be understood to imply that products purchased from RAD are free of any obligation to obtain appropriate licenses for the public and commercial use.

Running a dance school, organising classes and shows, all of these are public uses of music.

The fact that you do not charge for an event, or do not make a profit from it, does not imply that no license or permission is needed.

Applications and full guidance about the application process will be available to download from the RAD website in January 2013.

There are a number of discounts available for siblings, groups and multiple bookings.
  • Sibling Discount: 2 sibling students: 10% discount off total cost of tuition fees; 3 or more sibling students: 20 per cent off total cost of tuition fees
  • Group Discount for groups of 10+: 10% discount will be applied to total cost of tuition fees for each group of 10 or more students applying for the same event.
  • Multiple Booking Discount for a student who is booking for more than one RAD Summer Event. 

To qualify for these discounts, applications must be received together at RAD headquarters before the closing date. Sibling discounts will not be applied if part of a group, and group discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.

‘Provisional confirmation’ describes the status of your application before the closing date for the Summer School has passed.

Once the closing date has passed, we will know the final number of students enrolled and will be able to confirm that it will take place. We will issue this confirmation within 15 working days of the closing date. Until this point, the course is subject to cancellation if we receive an insufficient number of applications.  

We strongly advise that you DO NOT book any flights or additional accommodation until the final closing date has passed and you have received confirmation that the course will take place.

Any flight or accommodation bookings made prior to this confirmation are made at your own risk, and the RAD will not refund you for any loss.

Flights and additional accommodation should only be booked once final confirmation has been sent.

This will be sent within 15 working days of the final closing date.

Following the closing date, confirmation and full information will be sent out on the condition that payment has been processed in full.

The information includes a number of forms for you to complete and bring with you on the first day and a Student Information Pack with the following:

  • Contact List
  • Map of venue
  • Travel information
  • Registration information
  • Accommodation information
  • Information about outings and events
  • Uniform checklist
  • Faculty biographies