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Frequently asked questions

If you choose to complete your CPD requirement by participating in external CPD, you are responsible for deciding whether this meets the external CPD requirements. You are also responsible for working out how many CPD hours this activity is worth.

You can claim one CPD hour for each hour of teaching on an external activity. You cannot claim CPD hours for any preparation, discussion or networking you undertake around this activity. 

If a teacher of the RAD should know of, or become aware of, any breach of Code of Conduct and Professional Practice they should notify their National Office in writing.

These will be investigated on a case by case basis and a false declaration regarding completion of a CPD activity will be regarded as a breach of the Code of Conduct and Professional Practice.

which will enable them to respond to the developments in the dance profession in line with the Rules and Regulations of the RAD CPD Scheme which is mandatory for all teachers registered with the RAD.

The Code of Professional Practice (3.2.1) states that teachers must commit to engage in CPD in order to maintain up-to-date knowledge, understanding and skills 

The CPD Rules and Regulations (4.4) state that if a teacher participating in the scheme is found to have not completed the minimum RAD CPD requirement, this may be regarded as a breach of the Code of Professional Practice and could be deemed as misconduct and their membership with the organisation may be subject to sanctions, suspensions or termination.

(4.4.1)  cases of incomplete CPD Requirement will be reviewed by the Membership department on a case by case basis

(4.4.2) cases of incomplete CPD Requirement will be considered in a fair, efficient and transparent manner

The Membership team will undertake a 5% annual audit each year of the submitted CPD declarations of the worldwide teaching membership. Teachers selected at random, as part of the audit will be contacted from July by their National Office and asked to submit evidence of their CPD activities. 

All teachers registered with the RAD including Life Registered teachers are required to complete the minimum CPD requirement. We do not and will not discriminate, positively or otherwise on the grounds of age.

However, If you are no longer advertising yourself as an RAD Registered Teacher or entering candidates for RAD examinations you are eligible to amend your membership class to that of a Full Life Member. You will continue to receive any relevant communications from the Academy. You will however, not be required to complete compulsory CPD. Please contact your National Office should you wish to do this.                            

We recommend that teachers keep a record of their professional development in case they are selected as part of our annual audit, and are asked to send in documentation to support their declaration form. Teachers can record their CPD in the way that best works for them – it may be a note in the back of their diary or a folder of certificates in a filing cabinet.

For teachers who want to record their CPD online, they can use the RAD ePortfolio. The ePortfolio is much like using a folder, however, instead of, keeping hard copies and pieces of paper it allows you to keep a record of the CPD you have undertaken, collecting digital or electronic items together such as word documents, certificates, confirmation letters and photos all in one place - one single secure online environment.

The RAD ePortfolio also allows you to take charge of your learning and career goals so you can monitor, build, plan and reflect upon on your personal development. The information in your ePortfolio can not be accessed by the RAD, unless teachers choose to share it with a member of staff. The ePortfolio is free to teachers registered with the RAD and is one way to build a personal, private record of what you have done. Alternatively teachers can continue record your CPD in hard copy or any other way.