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Frequently asked questions

An RAV is a Royal Academy of Dance Approved Venue.

This means premises provided by the RAD for holding examinations. Candidates travel to the RAV to take Vocational Graded Examinations.


To enter candidates for RAD examinations, an applicant must meet a list of criteria:
  • You must be an RAD Registered Teacher (or Teacher recognised by Mutual Agreement), or be a representative of an RAD Registered School (eg the Principal) which employs or contracts an RAD Registered Teacher
  • You must have registered the School and the candidates they wish to enter (registration forms are available online)
  • You must be a current teaching member of the RAD and have paid any membership fees due in full (or, if not a teacher, ensure that the RAD teacher named on the entry form is a current member and has paid any membership fees due in full).

Yes. Download our Specifications and refer to Page 11

Yes, although it should be noted that this may result in candidates being assessed twice by the same Examiner.

Where one exam is a prerequisite for the other, award of the second exam is dependent upon the previous one also being passed.

Yes. Minimum ages are detailed in Specifications Page 12.

In order to promote safe dance practice and to maximise the chances of successful outcomes for candidates in exams.

There are no upper age limits to RAD exams.

Please see Page 28 of the Specifications


Yes but please see guidelines for teachers operating music players as set out in the Specifications Page 29.

For Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate examinations, the pianist must operate the CD player. Examiners report that the performance of younger candidates can sometimes be affected when their teacher is operating the CD player.

The choice of content for Graded Presentation Classes is at the discretion of the teacher. We suggest a varied selection of exercises to fill the allotted time.

Please note however that for Class Awards the content is more exactly prescribed. Full details may be found in the relevant Specification.