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Teacher information

Guidance for teachers on entering students for RAD exams.

For a teacher to enter candidates for RAD exams they must:

  • be a current teacher registered with the RAD
  • have registered the school and the candidates they wish to enter.

The following guidance should also be read – The role of the registered teacher in examinations 

Entry forms can be submitted by another individual (e.g. the school principal), but there must be an RAD Registered Teacher listed on the entry form who is employed or contracted by the school.

For assistance with exam scheduling in an AEC session download The Information for Teachers on examination scheduling in the AECs 

In Australia Examinations are organised through Examinations and Training Manager Kathryn Hughes

New teachers

If you are a new teacher, or are new to a particular area, we recommend that you contact us to introduce yourself and to ensure that you are added to our mailing list.