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Examination fees 2019


2019 Exam Fees

Additional Surcharges
Multiple student cheques / credit cards $50

Extracts from the register of examinations $40

Studio hire (Darlinghurst studio)
$60 per hour

Minimum fee
Teachers who have less than 3 hours examination work may choose to hold their examinations in their own studios by paying an additional charge on the total fee income from their examination, presentation class, class award and demonstration class entries to bring it up to the minimum fee level quoted below. This surcharge will not apply if teachers continue to combine with other teachers. The minimum fee is $1,880.

Payment for examinations

It is preferred that payment and entry for examination is made online. If this is not available, entries will only be accepted with payment via EFT, cheque, or Credit Card (excluding Amex & Diners Club). A surcharge may be applied if there are multiple payments for School’s entry.

Direct deposits can be made to:
Account Name: Royal Academy of Dance
BSB: 032-034
Account number: 800571

Click here   for a printable fees page.

Download a credit card form to add with your entries.