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Facts & figures

Facts and figures about the Royal Academy of Dance.
  • Our mission: to promote knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally
  • The RAD is the world’s leading organisation in classical ballet education
  • A global organisation involving approximately 14,000 members across 83 countries
  • Worldwide staff of 172 and 182 examiners 
  • 35 RAD offices worldwide
  • 225,000 children take RAD examinations each year
  • 5,898 registered teachers in 36 countries
  • The Regional Advisory Panels in four countries hold over 150 events and activities attracting over 16,000 participants each year
  • Over 1,100 students enrolled on Faculty of Education programmes of study
  • 250 programmes are offered each year for Continuing Professional Development
  • 8 full or part-time, distance learning or taught teacher education programmes available from the Faculty of Education
  • Member of Royal Academy of Dance Worldwide Groupe Registered in Australia ABN 88 132 361 256