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Tasmanian students travel to Melbourne to Showcase Youth ballet talent


Tasmanian students travel to Melbourne to Showcase Youth ballet talent
19 schools and nearly 300 students took part

On Saturday 25 March nearly 300 RAD students from Victoria and Tasmania came together to celebrate dance in the region at the RAD Showcase performance which is now a key feature in the RAD dance calendar for the year. Held at the National Theatre in St. Kilda the event was generously sponsored by the RAD Victoria/Tasmania Regional Advisory Panel as well as brands Energetiks and Capezio.

Nineteen schools performed varied pieces from classical to contemporary and beyond. One of the featured items was the Tasmanian Youth Classical Ballet Company who made the journey to Melbourne to perform. 26 students from 6 Tasmanian schools performed Didn’t Leave Nobody by Shayne Davies.

One the many highlights of the evening was the Victorian RAD scholarship winners from the Audrey Nicholls Grade Awards and the Kathleen Gorham Awards Grace Campbell, Emmanuelle Fairweather and Emma Dowling (all from Jane Moore Academy of Ballet) each performed a classical solo.

An added bonus was the performances of Milei Lee (VCASS), LilySophia Dashwood and Charlie Dashwood (Jane Moore and Andie Dashwood) the Victorian winners of the Australia wide Genée Dance Challenge from 2016 who performed their winning solos.

Now an annual feature on the Victorian dance calendar Showcase is an opportunity for the RAD community to come together and celebrate both schools and individuals who have achieved throughout the year.


Pictured: Tasmania Youth Ballet. Photo by WinkiPop Media

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