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New Global HQ in London


New Global HQ in London
The RAD announces plans for a new purpose-built headquarters, just a mile away from our current location in Battersea.

This new building, with its state-of-the-art facilities, will enable the RAD to further strengthen its ties with the local community, to meet the ever-growing demands for high-quality dance education and to expand on our commitment to dance teacher training internationally. The move is the result of a unique agreement with York Place Buildings, the developer of the former Homebase site on York Road, Battersea, where the RAD will be based. The new headquarters is due for completion in 2020, the Academy’s centenary year.

Our new headquarters, designed by architects Patel Taylor, will provide outstanding training and performance facilities to our own specifications. Seven studios, a flexible performance space with moveable seating, improved accessibility, changing rooms, offices, two cafés and a new library and archive will give the RAD a superb new headquarters.

RAD CEO Luke Rittner commented: 'As a world leader in dance education and training, our new home needs to reflect that status in every way. I believe that this new building will be a world-class headquarters that will not only make our members, staff and partners proud, it will also help us to fulfil our mission in support of dance and dance education internationally.'  

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