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Boys Scholarships and more the highlights of the RAD Awards South Australia


Boys Scholarships and more the highlights of the RAD Awards South Australia
A record number of students entered into the 2017 awards for the region including more boys than ever before.

With a 150 students entered for this year's RAD Awards South Australia, the competition was fierce. A full day including Graded and Vocational Graded awards from Grades 2 - Advanced 2, the audience was even treated to a demonstration of a Solo Seal variation thanks to Solo Seal hopeful Matthew Jordan.

Below is a full list of winners and runner ups who impressed guest adjudicator Kevin Jackson, Principal Dancer with The Australian Ballet.

Thank you to all our generous sponsors for their ongoing support, our hard working photographer Suzanne Optiz, our class teacher Krysten Sutton and pianist Grant Kennedy and to our army of volunteers who pulled off a fantastic day for all our students and their supporters.

Badenoch Iversen Award for Grades 2 & 3

Sponsored by Mask Q Rades Costume Hire and Dance Supplies
Winner: Massato Rafinian (teacher Michelle Hofmann)
Runner Up: Mietta Brookman (teacher Michelle Hofmann)


Sponsored by Dance Zone
Winner: Leiila Revell (teacher Natanya Andonas)
Runner Up: Zoe Anderson (teacher Carissa Neate-Lammers)

Jacqueline Tucker Award for Grades 6, 7 & 8

Sponsored by Dance Zone
Winner: Amielle Ballestrin (teacher Terry Simpson)
Runner Up: Laekyn Darmody (teacher Terry Simpson)

Sheila Laing Training Enhancement Award

Sponsored by: Bloch
Winner: Leila Revell (teacher Natanya Andonas)

Floyd & B'Nay Award for Intermediate Foundation

Sponsored by The Stage Shop
Winner: Leila Revell (teacher Natanya Andonas)
Runner Up: Alice Min (teacher Terry Simpson)

Sir Robert Helpmann Award for Intermediate and Advanced Foundation

Sponsored by Smart Health Training and Services
Winner: Charly Hopkins (teacher Natanya Andonas)
Runner Up: Meg Rafinian (teacher Michelle Hofmann)

Kathleen Short Memorial Cup for Advanced 1, Advanced 2 & Solo Seal

Sponsored by Tutu & Twirl
Winner: Grace Bosward (teacher Terry Simpson)
Runner Up: Indianna McCann (teacher Terry Simpson)

Eileen Hogarth Award for Most Outstanding Dancer

Sponsored by Bloch
Winner: Grace Bosward (teacher Terry Simpson)

Lorraine Irving Scholarship for DANCE 18

Winner: Meg Rafinian (teacher Michelle Hofmann)

Boys DANCE 18 Scholarship

Junior Boys Winner: Thomas Hobbs (teacher Vivienne Winter)
Senior Boys Winner: Gabriel Lowe (teacher Carissa Neate-Lammers)

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