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Australia joins Project B


Australia joins Project B
RAD's global initiative to encourage more males to dance and train to become dance teachers

On June 1 in the UK the Academy announced an exciting new initiative intended to attract more people to dance. Read the full announcement hereProject B aims to develop students across four key areas:

B:Active - a sporting partnership and exchange with a UK cricket club. Read more

B: Inspired - a new Male Dance Ambassador who has developed bespoke choreography using masculine motifs which can be downloaded through the Seenit app. Read more

B: Involved - a commitment to more males only student workshops in every area and additional bursaries and scholarships. Read more

B:Engaged - a desire to build support for male students seeking training through our educational programmes. Read more.

In 2018 RAD Australia has committed to joining Project B and last weekend we announced plans to host our first ever boys only summer school - Boys DANCE 18 in Adelaide, South Australia on 5-6 January 2018. An all male faculty will be led by our own Australian Male Dance Ambassador Matthew Lawrence, and the workshop will be open to students from age 7.  This is the first of RAD Australia's plans to encourage more male students here in Australia.  More plans will be announced for the remainder of 2018 across the country soon.  



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