South Australian Awards

South Australia enjoyed a thrilling RAD Awards day on Sunday 19 July with Adjudicators Amber Scott, Principal Dancer with The Australian Ballet and Craig Lord-Sole, Ballet Master from West Australian Ballet. Read more

Festival Of Dance

Participants in the 2015 Festival of Dance once again delighted West Australian audiences showcasing over 550 solo and ensemble performances held over four days from 28-31 May, competing in four prestigious scholarship and various award categories. Read more

CD’s for Grades 6-8

After careful review and consideration of feedback received from teachers, and in order to align with the new syllabus up to Grade 5, we are offering teachers the option to hold their Grade 6, 7 and 8 examinations and presentation classes using a CD. This policy change will take place with immediate effect.

As with all examination levels, a pianist can still be used if the teachers and candidates prefer. We would encourage this option as we would suggest it is beneficial to candidates to experience dance with live music, but this is now at the discretion of the teacher.

Special Examination Session

Website Images 004smallSpecial Exam Session
to qualify for Genée 2015

There are a number of students wishing to sit the Advanced 2 examination in order to qualify for the 2015 Genée.

The RAD has decided to offer a special examination session for those candidates, to be held:

Sydney Head Office
20 Farrell Ave Darlinghurst

Monday July 20
Examiner: Debra Whitten

  • Candidates will need to turn 15 years by July 1
  • Entries must be submitted by June 15

Pianist Recruitment

The Royal Academy of Dance is always looking to recruit piano accompanists to support its worldwide network of examinations, courses, classes and events.

Accompanying dance (including examinations) is an exciting opportunity to learn and play new music in a variety of styles, and to inspire others through your playing and love of music. It can be demanding physically and mentally, but also extremely rewarding.

If you would like to be an RAD pianist you will need to be a well presented professional. You should have a secure piano technique (a minimum of ABRSM Grade 8, or equivalent), an aptitude for accompanying, knowledge of a range of music and music styles and show sensitivity and rapport with other performers. Experience in playing for dance is an advantage but not essential.

This post is offered subject to an appropriate Enhanced DBS check from the Disclosure and Barring Service or equivalent.

To apply for this role please download the application pack, including the Pianist Application Guidelines, Pianist Person Specification and Pianist Job Description  here

Please send your application form to

Double Tour en l’Air

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 7.41.28 pmBuilding on the success of 2013’s Progressions virtual launch, 2015 will see the online introduction of Double Tour en l’Air: the new Advanced 1 & 2 Male Syllabi – the first time the syllabus has ever been filmed at this level.

Watch the launch at a free event in either Sydney or Melbourne and, if you’re an RAD registered teacher, claim two hours of independent CPD.

The launch in Sydney will be followed by a talk from Hilary Kaplan on the new Advanced Male work, and in Melbourne by a CPD information session.

Friday May 22, 2015


• 10.00am – Arrival and refreshments
• 10.30am – Launch screening
• 11.30am–1.00pm- Talk by Hilary Kaplan or CPD information session

Book tickets and find out more information on the Sydney session here and the Melbourne session here.

Advanced 1/2 male teaching resources can now be order using the: Advanced One & Two Male teaching resources order form

RAD Australia’s 80th Anniversary celebrations commence

1H5A3682Melbourne launched the RAD Australian 80th Anniversary celebrations with a Gala performance on Sunday 29 March at The National Theatre in St. Kilda. This was a community focused event which brought together the Victorian and Tasmanian dance communities; nearly 250 students from 31 schools performing to a capacity filled theatre.  Read more here

Jacqueline Morland Awards 2015

The Jacqueline Morland Awards 2015 were held on the March 21 – 22, 2015.  The judges for the weekend were Lucinda Dunn OAM, Damien Welch and Jacqui Dumont.

All judges commented on the high level of technique from all the students who attended the Awards.  With Over 190 entries performing in the Semi Finals on the Saturday  and and a total of 36 Finalists performing on Sunday .  Find out all result here

Paul Boyd Choreographed a contemporary piece for the Senior students to learn on the Saturday morning of the Semi Finals and then perform in front of the judges in the Senior category.  The judges were impressed with the students ability to learn and perform the variation all on the same day.

The Dance Groups that performed were:

“Studies in Blue”
A Classical Group choreographed by Anna Veretennikova
Studies in Blue Dance Item

“All that Jazz”
A Musical Theatre Group choreographed by Matthew Browning
All that Jazz Dance Item


Results of the Isobel Anderson FRAD Awards

Results of the  Finals of the Isobel Anderson FRAD Awards:

 The Isobel Anderson Award for most outstanding Dance for 2015
Brayden Gallucci                    Lake Macquarie Dance Centre & Alegria School of Ballet

Advanced 1
1st place             Lania Atkins                   The Dance Spot
Runner up        Ryu Bautista                   The McDonald College
Bloch Award    Amber Camilleri             Sydney Ballet School

Advanced Foundation
1st place            Jessi Seymour                Alegria School of Ballet
Runner up        Elisabeth Wenta            Lake Macquarie Dance Centre
Bloch Award    George Susman              The Dance Spot

1st place            Alexandra Walton         Teresa Johnson Ballet School
Runner up        Jett Ramsay                    Extreme Dance Studios
Bloch Award    Maeve Nolan                  Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy  (entered for 2014 examination by Vanessa Bowen-McCullum)

Intermediate Foundation
1st place          Shontaya Smedley         Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
(entered for 2014 examination by Amanda Clerke)

Runner up       Carmelita Buay              North Shore Dance Academy

Bloch Award   Hyo Shimizu                   The Conlan College 

Martin Rubinstein Award
Max Day           Alegria School of Ballet

Results of the Finals of the Joan & Monica Halliday OAM FRAD Awards 

Grade 5
1st place             Jordan Micallef      The McDonald College
Runner Up        Verity  Hall              Performance Art Western Sydney
Bloch Award     Emma Curran         Central School of Dance

Grade 4
1st place           Charlotte Reece       Andrea Roswell Academy of Dance
Runner Up       Zoe O’Bryan            Andrea Roswell Academy of Dance
Bloch Award    Sage Kikui               The Conlan College


Joan & Monica Halliday OAM FRAD & Isobel Anderson FRAD Awards 2015

The Joan & Monica Halliday OAM FRAD & Isobel Anderson FRAD Awards Final tickets for Sunday 29 March at The Smith Auditorium Shore School Blue Street North Sydney are available through from

A limited amount of tickets will also be available at the door.

Congratulations to the following students:

Finalists for Advanced One

No. 2 Amber Camilleri – Sydney Ballet School
No. 4 Amelia Garrick – The Conlan College
No. 9 Christina Kaloudis – Rogerson Dance Studio
No. 18 Lania Atkins – The Dance Spot
No. 21 Max Day – Alegria School of ballet
No. 23 Ryu Bautista – The McDonald College


Finalists for Advanced Foundation

No. 69 Alicia Hannah – The Dance Spot
No. 72 Brittany Duwner – Newcastle Dance Academy
No. 83 Brayden Gallucci – Lake Macquarie Dance Centre & Alegria School of ballet
No. 85 Elisabeth Wenta – Lake Macquarie Dance Centre
No. 86 George Susman – The Dance Spot
No. 90 Jessi Seymour – Alegria School of ballet
No. 95 Rebecca Ingham – The McDonald College

Finalists for Intermediate

No. 2 Alexandra Walton – Teresa Johnson Ballet School
No. 8 Hannah Sergi – Redlands Ballet and Dance Academy
No.33 Izabella Kriek – Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
No.39 Pamela Barnes – Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
No.49 Claire Zalunardo – Studio Tibor
No.51 Emma-Jane Tuck – North Shore Dance Academy
No.65 Rebekah Carwardine – Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
No.76 Emma McDermott – Vocational Ballet College NSW & Sonja Dene Dance Studios
No.78 Hugo Dumapit – The McDonald College
No.80 Jett Ramsay – Extreme Dance Studios
No.83 Maeve Nolan – Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
No.90 Thomas Gannon – North Shore Dance Academy

Finalists for Grade 4
No.4 Celine Urquhart – The McDonald College
No.9 Sage Kikui – The Conlan College
No.12 Zoe O’Bryan – Andrea Rowsell Academy of Dance
No.19 Charlotte Reece – Andrea Rowsell Academy of Dance
No.20 Jack Reason – The McDonald College
No.24 Eva Maximova – The Dance Spot

Finalists for Grade 5
No.32 Emma Curran – Central School of Dance
No.63 Grace Frazer-Sneddon – Central School of Dance
No.66 Breigh-Ellen Penman – The McDonald College
No.70 Eliza Wenham – Academy Ballet
No.76 Jordan Micallef – The McDonald College
No.77 Leah Taggart – Vocational Ballet College NSW & Sonja Dene Dance Studios
No.81 Tristen Nguyen – Vocational Ballet College NSW & Sonja Dene Dance Studios
No.82 Verity Hall – Performance Art Western Sydney

Finalists for Intermediate Foundation

No. 1 Abigail Wells – North Shore Dance Academy
No. 3 Amber Mitchell-Knight – Teresa Johnson Ballet School
No.23 Shontaya Smedley – Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
No.25 Carmelita Buay – North Shore Dance Academy
No.29 Jordan Kim – The McDonald College
No.32 Lucinda Worthing – Danae Cantwell School of Dance
No.56 Hugo Poulet – Alegria School of Ballet
No.57 Hyo Shimizu – The Conlan College
No.67 Tom Soepono – The Dance Spot

Well done to all students who participated. Congratulations to the semi finalists:

Advanced 1
No. 2 Amber Camilleri
No. 4 Amelia Garrick
No. 5 Anno Shimizu
No. 6 Arisa Sano
No. 8 Caitlin Halmarick
No. 9 Christina Kaloudis
No.10 Emily Gomersall
No.15 Jaidyn Cumming
No.17 Lana Tramonte
No.18 Lania Atkins
No.21 Max Day
No.23 Ryu Bautista

The semi final class is on Friday 27 March at 2.30pm(please arrive with sufficient time to warm up)
Please note pointe shoes will be required

Advanced Foundation
No.69 Alicia Hannah
No.70 Isabella Di Lucia
No.72 Brittany Duwner
No.73 Caitlin Leahy
No.76 Hannah Nash
No.81 Olivia Tanna
No.82 Valentina Buay
No.83 Brayden Gallucci
No.85 Elisabeth Wenta
No.86 George Susman
No.88 Jamie McPhee
No.90 Jessi Seymour
No.93 Luke Tabbernal
No.95 Rebecca Ingham

The semi final class is on Friday 27 March at 12.00pm (please arrive with sufficient time to warm up)
Please note pointe shoes will be required

No. 2 Alexandra Walton
No. 3 Anneliese Faase
No. 4 Annika Bounkeua
No. 8 Hannah Sergi
No. 10 Layla Kirkland
No. 13 Lucy Angel
No. 15 Micky Ayyar
No. 17 Sophie Kerr
No. 18 Therese Ward
No. 20 Wasana Jung
No. 25 Annalise Malachowski
No. 32 Hannah Caitens
No. 33 Izabella Kriek
No. 39 Pamela Barnes
No. 40 Pearl Arrowsmith
No. 43 Sarah Saad
No. 46 Alicia Mason
No. 47 Brooke Simmons
No. 48 Chloe Malek
No. 49 Claire Zalunardo
No. 51 Emma-Jane Tuck
No. 53 Jessica Howley
No. 61 Paris Spennato
No. 65 Rebekah Carwardine
No. 66 Rhiannon Tringas
No. 67 Serena Oliver
No. 68 Stephanie Blann
No. 76 Emma McDermott
No. 78 Hugo Dumapit
No. 79 Jasmine Chubb
No. 80 Jett Ramsay
No. 82 Maddison McKenzie
No. 83 Maeve Nolan
No. 89 Sophia Valentinis
No. 90 Thomas Gannon

The semi final classes are Friday 27 March:
Semi final 1 at 9am the following numbers:
(please arrive with sufficient time to warm up)
Please note pointe shoes will be required


Semi final 2 at 10.30am the following numbers: (please arrive with sufficient time to warm up)
Please note pointe shoes will be required

Intermediate Foundation
No.1 Abigail Wells
No.2 Amber Gibson
No.3 Amber Mitchell-Knight
No.4 Amelia Wong
No.11 Isabella Ning
No.14 Jennifer Psaroulis
No.20 Mimi Swinton-Beatty
No.22 Saskia Vogt
No.23 Shontaya Smedley
No.25 Carmelita Buay
No.27 Jade Marquez
No.29 Jordan Kim
No.31 Lili Marin
No.32 Lucinda Worthing
No.35 Molly Johnson
No.36 Molly Sawyer
No.40 Phoebe Anderssen
No.45 Yasmine Urquhart
No.46 Alexander Koulos
No.49 Daniela Corcoran
No.50 Daniela Meyer
No.54 Grace Humphris
No.56 Hugo Poulet
No.57 Hyo Shimizu
No.59 Joshua Ostermann
No.61 Maya Goodman
No.62 Mia Whalley
No.63 Sebastion Black
No.67 Tom Soepono

The semi final classes are as follows:
Thursday 26 March
RAD Headquarters 20 Farrell Avenue Darlinghurst

Semi Final 1 at 9am the following numbers:(please arrive 30 minutes before class time)

Semi Final 2 at 10am the following numbers:(please arrive 30 minutes before class time)

Grade 5
No.25 Alanna Hocking
No.31 Eloise Alsop
No.32 Emma Curran
No.37 Madeline Gibson
No.39 Pamela Pang
No.45 Annabelle McCoy
No.46 Charlotte Robertson
No.49 Mia Zanardo
No.51 Hannah Leong
No.54 Yeonwoo Kim
No.63 Grace Frazer-Sneddon
No.66 Breigh-Ellen Penman
No.67 Chloe Kaltoum
No.68 Christian Carlo-Stella
No.70 Eliza Wenham
No.73 Holly-Nicole Slater
No.75 Jasper Wind
No.76 Jordan Micallef
No.77 Leah Taggart
No.81 Tristen Nguyen
No.82 Verity Hall

Please note the semi final is on Thursday 26 March at 1.55pm (please arrive 30 minutes before class)

Grade 4
No.1 Aimee Hackney
No 2. Annie Chen
No.4 Celine Urquhart
No.5 Ellauise Picas
No.6 Gabrielle Umbrazunas
No.9 Sage Kikui
No.12 Zoe O’Bryan
No.13 Alice Tyree
No.19 Charlotte Reece
No.20 Jack Reason
No.24 Eva Maximova

Please note the semi final class is Thursday 26 March at 11.35am( please arrive 30 minutes before class)